Home Assurance Scheme


The Home Assurance Scheme gives you a home of your preferred specification and location. What is most attractive about this is that you can spread the payment over a comfortable period. 

As a subscriber to the Home Assurance Scheme, you would have the luxury to choose your preferred home type, location and budget, whilst giving you the flexibility of spreading the payment for the home over a maximum period of 72 months (6 years). 

This monthly payment plan  works well for regular income earners who aspire to be homeowners but do not have the capacity for an outright purchase. 

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  • With consistent monthly contributions, we will build your dream home by the 24th month while you take possession in the 36th month. You will move into your new home while paying back the outstanding amount over an additional 36 months.
  • We can also help you facilitate the NHF loan if you are already a contributor to the National Housing Fund.


  • This product is not subject to a particular location.
  • As our client, you have the choice to determine your location.
  • And we will build to your preference and specification.
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