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Building Bespoke Houses

Home Assurance Scheme

The Home Assurance Scheme gives you a home of your preferred specification and location. What is most attractive about this is that you can spread the payment over a comfortable …

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Flexi-Home Owner

The Flexi-Home Owner works for you if  you have some funds saved up, and you are ready to begin your journey to owning a home. 

This product is well suited …

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Own A Home

The Own-A-Home product's payment plan is directly linked to the project's lifespan, where you pay at every milestone of the construction process. An ideal project lifespan usually falls within 12 …

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Instant Homeowner

The Instant Homeowner is most suitable for individuals or enterprises that are interested in real estate investment. It allows for full payment to be made with special discounts and incentives …

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REFin Edge

REFin Edge is  an investment product where the investor buys units of property in a specific project at a discounted price with the option of buy back.

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REFin Edge Pro

With REFin Edge Pro, you can invest and enjoy a dynamic and competitive return on investment. Unlike the REFin Edge, investing in REFin Edge Pro is not tied to any …

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Home Builders Scheme

The Home Builders Scheme is designed for land owners who wish to partner with us to build on their land and split Proceeds / Housing units according to an agreed …

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Land Flip Scheme

The product is designed to help individuals to purchase our land through a structured plan over 12 - 36 months with the aim of building capital through land appreciation towards …

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Co-operative Administration

This product aims to serve individuals under the umbrella of a registered co-operative or any cluster with appreciable membership.

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