4 Things You Should Know About Our Home Assurance Scheme

Published Aug. 24, 2020 by collinsokere

The Home Assurance Scheme is our flagship product at REFin Homes Limited. As key players in the real estate industry in Nigeria, we know and have highlighted some of the challenges that a good number of Nigerians encounter in getting a home of their dreams. This housing scheme is a solution to owning your own home seamlessly.

Highlighted below are 4 points about this scheme to help you make an informed decision as you subscribe:

1. Flexible Payment Plan

We understand how capital intensive it could be to embark on a housing project, the Home Assurance Scheme is a flexible mode of monthly payment that spreads through 72 months

2. Your Specifications

Anyone who is subscribing to this scheme would let us know their preferred location, budget and house type. We would work with all of these to make a property recommendation and monthly contribution calculation for you

3. Move Into Your House While Making Payment

When you have consistently made your monthly payments for a period of 36 months, you get to move into your already built home. You do not have to wait for the end of 72 months of payment before moving into your home. this gives you 36 months to complete the payment for the home after which you get all the papers for the house – ownership transfer

4. National Housing Fund (NHF) Loan Facilitation

The National Housing Fund (NHF) loan is made available by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria to give loans to Nigerians who are registered contributors for a minimum period of 6 months. This loan can only be received once in a lifetime and can be repaid on monthly instalments over a maximum period of 30 years. We can help you facilitate this loan which has the lowest interest rate nationwide to help augment your monthly contributions on the Home Assurance Scheme

The Home Assurance Scheme is targeted at income earners across different spectrums. You can schedule a call with us, using the form below.


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